Xenex Disinfection Services is a San Antonio, Texas, based company that produces the only Pulsed Xenon Full Spectrum™ UV Germ-Zapping Robot™. We designed the LightStrike Robots for speed, portability and effectiveness, to allow for the systematic disinfection of any space within a healthcare facility. Approximately 400 hospitals have repeatedly shown that Xenex can integrate smoothly into their hospital cleaning operations, allowing the disinfection of as many as 64 rooms a day with a single Robot.

Pursuit Vascular, Inc., a private company with headquarters in Minneapolis, MN, is focused on developing innovative catheter infection reduction technologies. The company is developing a family of
innovative single-use products designed to protect patients from life-threatening infections arising from long-term catheter and port use. Routine use of these products could result in substantial savings to the health care system.

Based on its patented ClearGuard® technology, the company’s first product, ClearGuard HD, targets infections associated with h
emodialysis catheters. This simple yet revolutionary device has been cleared for sale by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and is currently undergoing large-scale clinical evaluation testing across the United States.

Pramata Corporation is the Contracts Intelligence company. Pramata supports revenue growth and revenue protection strategies, risk management and compliance programs, and operational efficiency initiatives by providing companies with the ability to analyze and report on the complex and unstructured information in contracts.

Lex Machina spun out of a Standofrd Universitay Law School and Computer Science Department project called the IP Litigation Clearinghouse (IPLC). Founded by Law Professor Mark Lemley in 2006, and launched with co-founders Joshua Walker and George Gregory, the IPLC mapped every electronically available patent litigation event and outcome to bring openness and transparency to IP Law.  Lex Machina was successfully sold to Lexis Nexis in December of 2015.